Client Testimonials:

“This is one of the most positive experiences I’ve had in years. It isn’t often that I feel so safe, comfortable, peaceful, and connected with another human.”   -David

“I’ve been single for 12 years.  I decided to give this a try; when Ishka asked if she could hold me, I realized that I had never been held by a woman.  I’m 6’2” and I guess it’s always been assumed that I would be the big spoon. What a wonderful service.”   -Mike

“My first few years of life were spent bouncing around orphanages and foster homes. I realized at age 52 that I have a lot of trauma from being passed around and not knowing who my parents were or where my home was. Recently, my therapist recommended that I lay in someone’s arms and imagine that I am a baby, and allow myself to feel the safety and love that I missed.  When Ishka holds me, I am able to rest and heal the trauma of my childhood.” -A.T.

“I work the twilight shift and I don’t have many friends to talk with.  I really like that here I can lay back and talk, and someone listens to me.”   -B.

“This was such an incredible experience.  I was very skeptical and almost cancelled my appointment, but then I realized I didn’t have much to lose.  After the session I felt calm and relaxed.” -Sandy

“I suffer from insomnia and struggle to sleep for more than an hour a night.  I am able to nap in Ishka’s embrace, so I tried a sleepover.  WOW! $400 was way worth the 8 hours of solid sleep I got.  I feel like a new man. This is life changing.” -L.P.

“Who’d have thought that there are people who get paid to snuggle? I’d heard of “professional cuddlers” but I didn’t think I’d ever pay to snuggle someone.  After this past breakup, I am not ready to date, but I notice I miss touch and connection. I just had my first session, and it’s worth it. From the first moment that I walked in and was asked if I wanted a hug, to the moment that the alarm went off and I thought “that couldn’t possibly have been an hour,” I forgot the loneliness I’ve been feeling and it felt like I was hanging out with an old friend.”      -Kyle

“I felt comfortable and forgot that I was being held by a total stranger; not what I expected.”   -J. S.

“I had totally forgotten how just a small amount of touch can heal so much.  Thank you.” -Jay

Event Participant Google Reviews:

This was a life changing event for me. The safe container that Ishka creates is not only the work of a seasoned professional but of a genuine caring person. I was nervous at first but after the circle time I was ready to experience something new. It was a fun, nurturing and restorative time for me. I was able to hold and give someone maternal tenderness and affirmation. I was also on the receiving end and felt seen, understood and supported in a way I had not experienced before. If you are seeking to improve your sense of wellness or simply experience authentic connection in a platonic environment then look no further. -Effie

One of the most incredible offers in the area. Touch is something that so many people are lacking and feels like in this day and age is increasingly harder to find safe spaces to share affection and authentic connection. Ishka is an incredible facilitator who pays great attention to creating safe containers for both newbies and long-time participants. She also works hard to make the events accessible by providing a sliding-scale, which is NOT something you see in similar events around the area. This is definitely a must-try if you are seeking safe spaces for touch and connection. -Ramiro

I have been to three of these events, and I find them welcoming, sweet, and safe. The host is an awesome facilitator, and and the participants open minded to people of various sorts of backgrounds and identities. It’s an event worth experiencing at least once, and once experienced you’ll be back -Immy

Ishka artistically weaves a container to hold space for what is frequently missing: the safe space to receive (and give) touch connection. -Cheng

Ishka always hosts such great events – such a great facilitator, always accomodating for people and creating a safe space. I always feel so welcome and the space feels so friendly and non-judgmental. I feel so warm and whole after the events! Plus there’s always good food. -Dot

This was a wonderful, magical experience. Also, a great place for learning more about consent and practicing consent. I was so impressed with the guidelines and the flow of the evening!! I would absolutely recommend. -Lauren

HoldmeAVL is truly a service to the community. A safe, friendly space to practice your boundaries and to ask for what you need. -Skyler

Absolutely the most loving safe environment I have ever been in. So much clarity and communication around boundaries, consent, asking for needs, speaking one’s truth, and what it means to authentically connect. I’m so grateful for this experience! -Nelly

I attended my first cuddle party last night and i truly feel like the world is a brighter place today. I didnt know what to expect but everyone was so welcoming and respectful and consent was paramount. At first I thought it would be awkward giving and receiving consent for every little interaction and touch but once i got into it it was SUPER hot and just such an enjoyable experience all around. 10/10 will definitely be attending again whenever i can. -Carolyn

It was a really well facilitated. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to attend. It was everything I was hoping for and more. -Jonathan

Ishka holds a beautiful space for self expression and discovery. She ensures the needs of every person is met by while ensuring safety for the entire group. Her events are fun, and always attended by a good crowd interested in community and friendship. Thank you Ishka for offering your events at a time when touch is so important to many people, especially those who have been in isolation. -Denise

Ishka does a wonderful job creating a safe and welcoming space to experience touching and being touched. As for so many of us, the pandemic had left me deprived of physical contact and having a safe space with other vaccinated people to feel this connection again has restored a sense of well being for me again that I had missed. I highly recommend these cuddle parties to anybody who wants to connect with others through enjoying touch. -Monika

Ishka is an amazing facilitator and space holder. She’s great at making everyone feel comfortable, and at clearly laying out the rules and expectations of the cuddle gatherings. It’s a really special experience to be there! -Gina

Like many others, I was a hesitant at first, and, in the end, so glad I did this for myself. Whether you’ve had negative experiences with touch (who hasn’t), been lonely with or without a partner for a while, or looking to expand your intimacy boundaries with others, this event can have a positive impact. Ishka, with her warmth, grounded-confidence, and professionalism, does an awesome job creating a safe and supportive space. You’ll likely feel different in ways you cannot predict or anticipate leaving, as opposed to entering. Consider giving yourself this gift. I will be back. -John

What an incredibly safe, supportive, life-giving space! I especially appreciated the feeling of community and connection, particularly after all these months of semi-isolation. Gratitude to Ishka for creating these events! And thanks to all the wonderful cuddlers I met recently. -Leslie

I have attended many of Ishka’s gatherings. She has an amazing skill for setting up a safe space for people to connect, explore the intricacies of consent, and find healing through touch. -Jordan

There is something definitely therapeutic in this offering, it felt more akin to ministry in this touch starved culture. Sure it was a little awkward at first but I was relieved that roughly half of us had never been to a snuggle party. Relating games helped to ease us into the evening. It was beautiful to be coached through enthusiastic consent and supported in our vocabulary and comfort for “no thank yous”. I, for one, wasn’t raised in a family that encouraged us to identify, name and hold boundaries so it is a skill that still needs practice. These folks really “get it”. This was a life-giving experience I think everyone should have at least once. I expect to return. -Samara

This is a very well facilitated event. It is a safe container for free exploration and gives you a place to practice healthy communication. It was fun and liberating! Each participant was responsible for keeping the safety as well as the constant awareness of the facilitator. True connection was experienced. -Shaunna

This is excellent treatment for anyone with trauma, attachment issues, anxiety or depression. Ishka’s presence is comforting, calming and professional. Touch is essential to healing and she has a very healing touch. -Badria

Ishka is a wise and empathetic facilitator, creating safe, healing, and fun environments for all those who attend. I highly recommend her services, workshops, and events. -DJ

Excellent space-holding, with a strong feeling of both playfulness and safety. Intuitive, knowledgable, and approachable facilitator. -Tikva

I enjoy my experience when I attend, if I feel isolated or alone I know I can attend and feel welcome by all of the participants thus far. Ishka is a very mindful, nurturing, and supportive host. She also goes out of her way to see that everyone is having their needs met by empowering individuals to overcome fears they may have and seek what they are looking for. She really goes above and beyond what anyone might ask of a host. -Kevin