Touch based Facilitation Training

Fri, January 19, 2024 – 06:45 PMEST – Sat, January 20, 2024 – 11:00 PMEST


This workshop is to help prepare you to facilitate successful cuddle events. We will go over how to set up events, get participants, teach consent, boundary, communication and touch skills, and create a safe welcoming space.  This training is good for anyone who is looking to feel comfortable or go deeper with facilitation skills, wants to create a safe touch positive community, and has a desire to make a positive impact for people looking for connection. 

You will be required to attend our snuggle party the evening before, so that you already have the framework for how I facilitate. In this workshop we will discuss what makes a successful event, we will review, participate and practice additional icebreakers and connection activities, we will talk about pros and cons of different size groups and to or not to “gender balance”. We will talk about how to help support people who are struggling to engage/connect, and how to handle a breach of consent. Additional topics we will cover include hosting events for special populations, how/where to advertise, how to keep the energy up for ongoing events, and any other topics you think will help you host your own events. 

In the past year, people have been asking me to host cuddle events further away from Asheville and more often. I’m happy to travel to offer a few events a year, but if I train others to host, we can slowly impact more people and more communities with positive safe touch. If you are someone who has attended my events or heard of cuddle events and thought “I think I want to offer this”, come get trained so you have more confidence and understanding of what goes into creating and hosting an event. 

This training aims to give you the tools, skills, and confidence to host your own touch based workshops.  The goal is to prepare you offer safe events for participants of all sorts of backgrounds.

What you get from the training-
-This training will be 5 hours long (including a short lunch break with vgf food provided).
-You will be required to attend the 4 hour platonic snuggle event the night before and have the option to attend the 4 hour sensual snuggle the evening after the training. Students are welcome to practice some of their new facilitation skills at the second event.
-You will receive outlines of my consent talk, printed notes on most of what we cover in the workshop, and a handbook of games/activities to use at your events.
-I will be available for up to an hour of phone call consultations to help you troubleshoot your events.
-I ask that you host at least one event that is either fully free or asking for donations of $0-10. I’ll provide a feedback form for you to give your participants to help you grow as a facilitator.
-We will have a followup group video call 6 weeks after the training to see what people have done with their training and to review anything people have questions about.
After completing this training you will receive a Certificate of attendance. 

Pricing – $400
There are 3 Scholarship spaces available for $300. 
(This covers 15 hours of time- this includes 8 hours of cuddle events, 5 hours of training, 1 hour of private follow up, and 1 hour of group follow up). 
If you live out of town and want to sleep in the squishy cuddle room Friday and/or Saturday night, please add $30 per night you plan to sleep over. 

Please Note- 
Cuddle Party’s virtual training costs $995
Cuddle Sanctuary charges $1397 for their 12.5 hour virtual certificate program 
Cuddle Workshop International charges $1599 for their in person weekend certificate 

Friday Jan 19 6:45-11pm Platonic Cuddle event
Saturday Jan 20 10am-3pm In person workshop 
6:45-11pm Sensual Snuggle event
Saturday March 21 hour group virtual call 

*Refund Policy- Full refund if you cancel 7 days before the event or you cancel due to illness, emergency, or direct exposure to covid.