Client Testimonials:

“This is one of the most positive experiences I’ve had in years. It isn’t often that I feel so safe, comfortable, peaceful, and connected with another human.”   -David

“I’ve been single for 12 years.  I decided to give this a try; when Ishka asked if she could hold me, I realized that I had never been held by a woman.  I’m 6’2” and I guess it’s always been assumed that I would be the big spoon. What a wonderful service.”   -Mike

“My first few years of life were spent bouncing around orphanages and foster homes. I realized at age 52 that I have a lot of trauma from being passed around and not knowing who my parents were or where my home was. Recently, my therapist recommended that I lay in someone’s arms and imagine that I am a baby, and allow myself to feel the safety and love that I missed.  When Ishka holds me, I am able to rest and heal the trauma of my childhood.” -A.T.

“I work the twilight shift and I don’t have many friends to talk with.  I really like that here I can lay back and talk, and someone listens to me.”   -B.

“This was such an incredible experience.  I was very skeptical and almost cancelled my appointment, but then I realized I didn’t have much to lose.  After the session I felt calm and relaxed.” -Sandy

“I suffer from insomnia and struggle to sleep for more than an hour a night.  I am able to nap in Ishka’s embrace, so I tried a sleepover.  WOW! $400 was way worth the 8 hours of solid sleep I got.  I feel like a new man. This is life changing.” -L.P.

“Who’d have thought that there are people who get paid to snuggle? I’d heard of “professional cuddlers” but I didn’t think I’d ever pay to snuggle someone.  After this past breakup, I am not ready to date, but I notice I miss touch and connection. I just had my first session, and it’s worth it. From the first moment that I walked in and was asked if I wanted a hug, to the moment that the alarm went off and I thought “that couldn’t possibly have been an hour,” I forgot the loneliness I’ve been feeling and it felt like I was hanging out with an old friend.”      -Kyle

“I felt comfortable and forgot that I was being held by a total stranger; not what I expected.”   -J. S.

“I had totally forgotten how just a small amount of touch can heal so much.  Thank you.” -Jay